Art Direction, Packaging Design

The „Whirling Tulip“

„Whirling Tulip“ 10th Anniversary Packaging Design for Cola Turka

European Packaging Design Association in cooperation with Yildiz Holding have held the „epda DIY Packaging Design Competition 2013“. Sponsored by Yildiz Holding, Sleever International, Storaenso, Brigl & Bergmeister and STARCKE the „epda DIY Packaging Design Competition 2013“ challenged companies, design agencies and students from 12 countries worldwide to develop a Chocolate Gift Box, a 10th Anniversary Package design for Cola Turka and Chocolate Flow-Wrap in Promobox for the Turkish company Ülker.

Projects details

Epda’s „DIY Packaging Design Competition 2013 Student Award“ was assigned to „Whirling Tulip“, the 10th Anniversary Package design for Cola Turka. The inspiration for the 10th Anniversary Packaging was the turkish iconic symbol – the tulip which are layered one over the other. The installed patterns distinguish themselves of being a cliché, and identify the ancient cultural heritage of Turkey. A close look to the Logo and the whole bottle from distance unveils the shape of an awakening tulip, giving a dimension with a whirl inspired by the whirling dervishes. Within this Design process the updated Logo design was also a part to emphasize the 10th Anniversary.
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